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We Save Your Time and Money!

Don't Let Delays Burn Your Budget - Meet Your Fire Inspection Experts

Swift inspections, plans for construction evaluations, and proactive safety solutions. Saving you time and dollars every day. Go forth with assurance. This is where your fire safety venture starts!

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Meet Joe - Your Fire Marshal

Your Blueprint to Fire Safety Success in Colorado!

At Fire Marshal Services, we embody the spirit of safeguarding communities and construction projects with a pledge of efficiency, expertise, and determined safety standards. Nestled in the vibrant state of Colorado, we aim to redefine the landscape of fire inspections and construction plan reviews.


Swift Response

We pride ourselves on being on-site promptly, often within days, eliminating the need for prolonged project delays.


Cost Efficiency

We save our clients thousands of dollars daily by expediting the inspection process. Safety shouldn't come at the expense of your budget or timeline.


Proactive Solutions

Whether you are a builder, business owner, or part of a fire station without a full-time chief, we offer proactive solutions tailored to your unique needs.


A Hero Has Faced It All: He Need Not Be Undefeated, But He Must Be Undaunted.” ...


We at Fire Marshal Services are your lifelong partners as you traverse the difficult field of fire safety compliance. With an adherence to effectiveness and knowledge, we challenge the status quo and guarantee the success of your initiatives at all costs.


Streamline Fire Inspections


Customized Training Programs


Swift Solutions


Ongoing Safety Protocols


Environmental Sustainability


24/7 Emergency Support


Day or Night, We've Got Your Back



Urgency Knows No Time

Count on Us Every Hour for Your Safety Needs.

Safety doesn’t rest, and neither do we. Our 24/7 emergency support ensures that you have a reliable partner in times of urgency, ready to address any safety concerns promptly.

How we work

A Closer Look at Our Proactive Planning

At Fire Marshal Services, our operational blueprint is designed for maximum efficiency, ensuring that your projects not only meet but exceed fire safety standards. Here's a glimpse into how we work:


Adaptive Technology for Modern Solutions

Embracing the latest in technology, we integrate adaptive solutions into our process. This modernizes safety protocols and enhances the effectiveness of our inspections and plan reviews.


Educational Resources for Continuous Awareness

We believe that awareness is the first step toward safety. As part of our process, we offer educational resources to our clients, empowering them with the knowledge needed to maintain ongoing compliance.


Customized Solutions for Every Client:

No two projects are the same. Our approach fulfills the  the different needs of builders, contractors, businesses, and fire stations. We analyze individual requirements and provide solutions that align seamlessly with your goals.




Proactive Planning, Not Reactive Measures

Beyond mere compliance, we engage in proactive planning. Our 'pre-inspections' ensure that you're well-prepared for official inspections, eliminating surprises and reducing stress associated with compliance requirements.


Our Services

Comprehensive Suite of Professional Fire Safety Services

At Fire Marshal Services, we are your dedicated partners in ensuring a fire-safe environment. Our array of specialized services encompasses:


Fire Suppression

Implementation of cutting-edge fire suppression systems, tailored to the unique needs of your space, ensuring swift and effective response in the event of a fire.


Community Safety

Collaborative initiatives designed to enhance the safety of entire communities, from educational programs to community-wide fire safety assessments.


Heating System

Comprehensive inspections and recommendations to guarantee the safe and efficient operation of heating systems, reducing the risk of fire hazards.


Rescue Services

Highly trained rescue teams equipped to handle emergency situations, providing rapid response and evacuation strategies when needed.


Home Safety

In-depth assessments of residential spaces to identify and rectify potential fire hazards, promoting a secure living environment for homeowners.


Fire Inspection

Thorough and meticulous fire inspections, conducted promptly to meet project timelines, saving you time and ensuring compliance with safety standards.


150+ Places, 150+ Promises

Protection and Safety Across Colorado's Landscape.

Discover peace of mind as Fire Marshal Services extends its safety promise to 150+ places across Colorado. From towns to cities, mountains to valleys, we're here to make sure safety is a guarantee, no matter where you are.



What Our Customer Says!

Justin W.

Fire Marshal Services has been a project lifesaver! Their quick inspections and plan reviews kept our construction on track, saving us time and valuable resources. A true partner in our success.

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